Week 8 Commonsense Media Resources

In the words of Tracie Weisz, “What DOESN’T Commonsense Media do?” and to that I add, WHY isn’t everyone use this incredible, FREE resource? Commonsense Media encompasses all aspects of a students’ digital life and approaches it from all sides of their real ones: educators, parents, and peers.

I began poking around the Educators section of the Commonsense Media and was thoroughly impressed by all it provided:
– Complete lesson plans with all the necessary materials to address every aspect of digital citizenship from grades k -12.
– Family support including “A free program to help parents and caregivers navigate and discuss the impact of digital media on kids’ social, emotional, and intellectual development.”
– Step by step instructions on how to successfully implement and manage 1-to-1 technology in schools.
– A search tool, Graphite, to keep teachers up to date on the best apps and sites for their content level. As well as filters to help align edtech with Common Core Standards
– Professional Development through online and in-person training, as well as webinars.
– An educators blog that creates a community for Commonsense Educators.
As an educator I was sold, and have already signed up for a Graphite account to keep up to date with apps and websites for my students. As well, I have steered a colleague and friend at my children’s elementary school toward this amazing resource. I then stumbled around the rest of the site, navigating it through the eyes of a parent. I was overwhelmed! It was thrilling to see recommended apps and movies by age, parent blogs, and pertinent articles such as How to Balance Screen Time and Texting While Parenting. In fact, I couldn’t get off the site. There was so much information to devour! They will definitely be my ‘go to’ for any technology queries and I will be spending countless hours catching up on all they have to offer.

I have become a huge fan of Commonsense Media as both an educator and a parent. I will shout it’s praises from the rooftops for all fellow educators to hear and will spend my evenings (once the kids are asleep 😉 ) absorbing as much as of the site as I can.

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